Announcements from Afghanistan Digital Libraries:

April 2015, ACKU's Newspapers were scanned and are available at Afghanistan Digital Collections.

April 2015: The old DSpace repository was upgraded to a new version. Afghan Data is the largest digital repository for Afghanistan materials

January 2014: Atifa Rawan and Yan Han were invited to conduct a week training for ACKU IT and cataloging staff. Training topics include digitization, quality control, DSpace administration, and metadata.

Sep 2013: Another 2,500 titles have been added to http://

July 2012: Anis and Kabul Times (over 180,000 pages) have been added to

Feb 18, 2011: Afghanistan Kalanay collection titles from 1933 - 1990 have been added to

January 1, 2011: About 1,800 titles of Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University (ACKU) have been completed digitization and quality control. They are available at, which is the largest digital repository for Afghanistan materials

March 1, 2010: Loading new unique Afghanistan materials to our collections.

Feb 25, 2010: Cloud Computing rocks! Rebuilding a node will now only take a few minutes from EC2 images. We currently licensed 100 G storage, but can grow the storage if needed.

Feb 24, 2010: Success! Completed loading Linux OS and other software packages using Amazon EC2. Created Amazon EC2 EBS-based image. All Afghan digital collections will be moved to new DSpace system. Search and browse functions will be available soon.

Feb 16, 2010: Licensing Amazon EC2 as the Cloud Computing provider.

Feb, 2010: working with Kabul University Faculty of Engineering for MARC records and Patron IDs.


January 9, 2009: Testing of the cloud computing for better management of all the systems as well as cost-effectiveness is being conducted. New installation include Linux (Debian 4), Apache 2, MySQL, and Tomcat.

January 20, 2009: Registration of a new permanent domain completed for the site.

January 23, 2009: Completed the migration of this website from the library's server to a commerical vendor.

February, 2009: Migration of the Integrated Library Systems to the virtual environment.

March, 2009: We prepared unique Afghanistan materials and loaded them to The University of Arizona Institutional Repository. More will be loaded after passing quality control.

June, 2009: Several subject areas have been updated with new resources.

July, 2009: Newdomain name registered . Old domain will be still accessible.