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Arts & Humanities

Arabian world newspapers ArtLex Art Dictionary

Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature (University of Florida)

The British Museum

Encyclopedia Mythica free archive of works by hundreds of writers, artists, editors and scholars

Institute for Learning Technologies Digital Texts Project

Institute: Arts and Humanities

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Louvre Museum

Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare: free online classes in music, theater arts, media arts, and humanities

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus (Harvard University): key resources of multidisciplinary program include dissertations, experts, and syllabi

Project on Islam in Eurasia (Harvard University): focuses on Islam’s diversity and social dynamics

The Perseus Digital Library

Williams Afghan Media Project (WAMP): photo collections document Afghan history and society from the late 19th century through the Soviet occupation Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 August 2012 )